The NVTH, the Dutch Society for Thrombosis and Hemostasis, is a professional association of scientists involved in blood clotting.

Members include scientific researchers, physicians, analysts, clinical chemists and employees of coagulation firms.

The association has about 300 members.



Our board members

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Working Group Haemostasis Diagnostics


In 1998, the Working Group Haemostasis Diagnostics was initiated by a group of NVTH members. This working group serves as a discussion platform for head and supervising analysts of diagnostic laboratories who work on haemostasis diagnostics as well as development and implementation of new analysis methods.

Mission statement

The mission of the Working Group Haemostasis Diagnostics is to exchange knowledge and experience in the field of thrombosis and haemostasis diagnostics, in order to promote expertise in the laboratories within the aforementioned working field.

This goal is reached through:

  • Exchange of and discussion about practical experiences and problems
  • Discussion on new analysis methods and techniques
  • Jointly tackling problems, on both the theoretical and practical level
  • Coordinating the execution of special an rarely used haemostasis tests
  • Promotion of quality in diagnostics
  • Discussion on publications on methods
  • Providing information to laboratories of peripheral hospitals
  • Publications on activities of the working group through the NVTH newsletter


The Working Group Haemostasis Diagnostics organizes the following activities:

  • Annual theme day for centers affiliated with the working group. The members of the working group should be members of the NVTH
  • Publication of the theme day on the NVTH website and in the NVTH newsletter
  • Core group meeting 4-5 times yearly

Core group

The Working Group Haemostasis Diagnostics is made of a core group of (head)annalists of specialized laboratories.
At this moment, the core group consists of:

Coby Wegman, Erasmus MC (voorzitter)
Evertine Heek, UMCU (secretariaat WHD)
Bart Vinke, UMCG
Wideke Barteling, Radboudumc
Caroline Klopper, Amsterdam UMC
Claudia van Rijn, LUMC
Paul Verhezen, MUMC

NVTH Honorary members

Flip de Groot

Rogier Bertina

Jan Wouter ten Cate

Coen Hemker

Bonno Bouma

Jeanne Stibbe

Jan Sixma

Jan van Mourik

Joost Meijers

Tilman Hackeng

Suzanne Cannegieter